1. Alcohol we use is 99% Isopropyl Alcohol. 70%Isopropyl kills all virus’ including Corona. Not only do we use this alcohol for you to clean poles and mats we put it in the wet Swifters and use everyday on ALL the floors. I add a little of the green to make the alcohol smell better.
  2. Everyday the bathroom is cleans with disinfectant bathroom cleaner but Clorax wipes are used everywhere in the bathroom. Lysol spray is also used and is in the bathroom in case YOU want to use it. We also have Hand sanitizer in bathroom.
  3. Clorox Wipes are used EVERY DAY on tables, chairs, front desk, ALL Door Handles and Light Switches.
  4. Aerial silks are sprayed with Vodka mix and Lysol.
  5. Trash is removed now daily.
  6. Both Red and Pink rooms now have Clorox Wipes along with 99%alcohol for extra clean up.
  7. Hand Sanitizer is in both the back Lobby and in the Bathroom.
  8. ALL Towels used at studio have always been washed in my SANITIZING Cycle of my washing machine.
  9. Please do not hesitate to contact Shaine or I if you have any other questions.

I ask that you check with your other facilities that you go to as a precautionary measure that they are doing ALL they can to protect you and SSM.

Thank You for being the BEST!! đź’‹

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Our mission is to provide an inspiring and encouraging space for you to explore movement and sensuality as you learn the art of pole fitness, sensual dance, flexibility and strength.

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We have a wonderful diverse staff of teachers with different styles to meet your needs. Aerials or Dance of pole dance you want to learn our team can teach you. All SSM Instructors are Fitness Certified.

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We have classes for everyone, from first-time students to advanced pole dancers.  What are you waiting for?

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This place is Amazing!!! Have nothing but positive things to say about this studio. I had never taken a pole class before but Tiffany (one of the instructors) made me feel right at home and comfortable in my own skin! Everyone from the instructors to the students were warm and welcoming and I would encourage everyone to try this place out ?

Alexis A