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One night in 2009, I went to a club that had a 20 foot pole. There was a dancer that climbed all the way to the top and performed tricks. A week later I saw an ad for SSM in a magazine and the rest is history. Pole dancing has been life changing for me. Its led me to this amazing supportive group of non-judgmental women! Its given me a stronger body physically, but what surprised me most is the confidence it has given me. I have performed in front of audiences, I have won money in contest. Standing up for myself in a staff meeting is nothing now! Sometimes at the end of a class I feel tired but I also feel energized and stretched and kinda like a bad ass! I am a certified fitness instructor and I’ve recently become a certified yoga instructor. Over the years I fallen in love with different parts of pole dancing. The tricks, the dancing, right now its the flexibility. There is something for everyone here and I can’t wait to teach it to you! I am now SSM’s Aerial Yoga Instructor.

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Our Instructors

We have a wonderful diverse staff of teachers with different styles to meet your needs. Aerials or Dance of pole dance you want to learn our team can teach you. All SSM Instructors are Fitness Certified.

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We have classes for everyone, from first-time students to advanced pole dancers.  What are you waiting for?

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Can’t Get Enough?

Want to nail that inversion? Looking to get deeper in your bend? Ready to make a change and have some fun? Claim Your Space Today!

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Whether you’ve never tried pole fitness, or you spend half your day upside down, when you spend time with us you will evolve. You will unleash parts of yourself yet unknown. Strengths will surface. Muscles will transform. And you will own every inch of it.