Charisse AKA Foxxy


Searching for a fun way to “spice” up her regular workout regimen, FoXXXy took her first pole class in 2015. The tremendous amount of encouragement and support from other women peaked her curiosity. The encouragement to explore sensual movement and (to be honest) the platform heels grabbed and has kept her attention. In her short amount of time poling, she loves the strength she’s gained both physically and emotionally.Pole has allowed FoXXXy to push past her comfort zones and challenge the impossible. While she is still an avid student of the sport and constantly studies the art of sensual movement, FoXXXy has added instructing to her repertoire. She hopes her passion for pole comes through with each class she teaches and that she can inspire her students to be comfortable in her (or his) own skin. After all, there is NOTHING sexier than self-confidence!

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