Rene' Mulholland

Owner / Instructor
Rene’ Mulholland

Rene’  Mulholland ACE CPFT AASDN – Member of  Pole Fitness Association. I created Soft Sensuous Moves LLC 14 years ago so that ALL women regardless of age, size, race could enjoy not only the fitness, empowering aspect of SSM but to get back to the sensual side she might have misplaced along the way in a safe environment. SSM was created in June 2004 as a sanctuary for women to regain their self-confidence, self esteem, and that special diva ALL women have inside of them. Now over 19,000 ladies SSM is San Antonio’s only playground for women. I welcome you to enter the world of ladies only Sensual, Dance, Fitness studio, Soft Sensuous Moves LLC.