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Non Pole classes support your pole and aerial journey by expanding your movement vocabulary while perfecting coordination, strength, flexibility, body awareness, and more.
To Register for 1 or more non pole classes ..go to the JoinNow button at the bottom of the page, choose the week you want to on the class you want then register.
SSM is always adding new classes and workshops to our Red Room. Check back with us on a regular basis.
Please be on time for your class. If you are more than 10 minutes late you will not be able to enter the classroom.
**Please note..Guests are Not Permitted to sit in to observe classes. Our students comfort comes first and SSM wants an encouraging plus a safe environment for our students to relax and have fun in class. Thank You for your understanding.**

    Try us Out $25!

    First Timer Pole Teaser

    Floor on Fire

    Become sexy, slinky and sassy when you get down on the ground! Black Orchid will show you some fun floor work flows that you can make your own. Pole Heels will help you stick and slide but barefeet or socks will also work. Suitable for all levels of pole dancers, and non-pole students are also welcome! Minimal contact with the pole, this is all about getting Floor on Fire with your bad selves!

    Twerk Church

    Let’s get wild with Black Unicorn.

    Twerking (/ˈtwɜrkɪŋ/) is a type of dancing in which an individual, usually a female, dances to music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low squatting stance. Get Sexy, Fit while having FUN!!! $10

    Pole Stretch

    Ease Your Mind: Classes teach you proper and safe technique to enhance your flexibility. From increased ability to perform functional movement to advanced flexibility that can be translated to your aerial dance practice, Stretch is a great way to support whatever your goals may be.

    Flirty Low

    The course will give you choreography to build on and teach you how to choreograph your own applause-worthy routines.

    Chair with Flair

    Get your heart rate up ( and maybe someone else’s) with this fun class! Learn to use a chair as your dance prop and partner, and get a full body workout too. Black Orchid will take you through some tips and tricks to make your chair dance sizzle with sex appeal, with a new mini-routine every week. All levels of dance and fitness experience welcomed! Heels encouraged but completely optional.

    Get Up!

    Challenge yourself today

    Whether you’ve never tried pole fitness, or you spend half your day upside down, when you spend time with us you will evolve. You will unleash parts of yourself yet unknown. Strengths will surface. Muscles will transform. And you will own every inch of it.

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    • January 25, 2017